Tung's Stash

Here is Tung's Stash:

I will be swatching these colors one nail appointment at a time starting.  I will be doing them randomly as the color calls to me.  If there is something that you are absolutely dying to see please let me know and I'll do my best to swatch early.

Please note these are not mine and are not for sale or trade.

Absolute, unknown color
Amoresse, Ms. Paris
Artamatic, Burgundy Bordeaux
Avon, Flutterby
Avon, Sateen N
Chelsea, Daisy Shine
China Glaze, Bad Landing
China Glaze, Bohemian Chic
China Glaze, Carribean Temptation
China Glaze, Coconut Kiss
China Glaze, Conga to My Cobana
China Glaze, Coral Star
China Glaze, Crown Jewels
China Glaze, Down Under Dusk
China Glaze, Emerald Lake
China Glaze, Fantastique
China Glaze, Foxy
China Glaze, Fushia
China Glaze, Glowing Orange
China Glaze, Hawaiian Punch
China Glaze, Heaven
China Glaze, High Maintenance
China Glaze, Hippy Chic
China Glaze, Ibiza
China Glaze, In Awe of Amber
China Glaze, In The Mood (Mood Changing Coral)
China Glaze, In The Mood (Mood Changing Day Glow Rust to Yellow)
China Glaze, In The Mood (Mood Changing Purple to Light Purple)
China Glaze, In The Mood (Mood Changing Purple)
China Glaze, In The Mood (Mood Changing White with Red Glitter)
China Glaze, In The Mood (Mood Changing Yellow)
China Glaze, In The Mood (Mood Changing Rose)
China Glaze, In Vogue
China Glaze, Limonyte
China Glaze, Mad About "Hue"
China Glaze, Make an Enterance
China Glaze, Masai Red
China Glaze, Mer-Made in the Shade
China Glaze, Nasty
China Glaze, No Way Jose
China Glaze, Orange Knockout (Neon)
China Glaze, Outta Bounds
China Glaze, Paint the Town Red
China Glaze, Passion in the Pacific
China Glaze, Pink Voltage (Neon)
China Glaze, Pool Party
China Glaze, Power of Red
China Glaze, Primavera
China Glaze, Purple Panic (Neon)
China Glaze, Purple Rain
China Glaze, Queensland Clay
China Glaze, Rain Storm
China Glaze, Resolution
China Glaze, Rose Among Thorns
China Glaze, Rose Fantasy
China Glaze, Ruby Pumps
China Glaze, Secrets
China Glaze, Sexy
China Glaze, Shocking Pink (Neon)
China Glaze, Spitfire
China Glaze, Spontaneous
China Glaze, Stroke of Midnight
China Glaze, Sultry
China Glaze, Sunrise
China Glaze, Sweet Revenge
China Glaze, Tempest
China Glaze, Thataway
China Glaze, Turned Up Turquoise (Neon)
China Glaze, VI
China Glaze, Visions of Grandeur
China Glaze, Warm Sable
China Glaze, Wear Nothing
China Glaze, Yellow Power
CM, Beyond Ecstasy
CM, Disco Dance
CM, Electric Flower
CM, Golden Red
CM, Persian Jewels
CM, Purple Passion
CM, Total Obession
Color Club, Amp'd Up
Color Club, Pink Rush
Color Club, Pucci-Licious
Color Club, Rule Breaker
Color Club, Trippie Hippie
Cover Girl, Bronze Jubilee
Creative, Cinch My Corset
Creative, Crimson Uprising
Creative, Family Secret
Creative, Flare
Creative, Free Spirit
Creative, Moonlight & Roses
Creative, Porcelain Doll
Creative, Rebel with a Cause
Creative, Regal Revenge
Creative, Romance
Creative, Romance in Me
Creative, Royalty
Creative, Scorch
Creative, unknown (pink frost)
Crystal Lacquer, Arabian Dance
Crystal Lacquer, Casablanca
Crystal Lacquer, Darkness
Crystal Lacquer, Darkness
Crystal Lacquer, JFK
Crystal Lacquer, Latin Lover
Crystal Lacquer, Merci Merci
Crystal Lacquer, Mo-Money
Crystal Lacquer, Oriental Oasis (x2)
Crystal Lacquer, Rogue Rick
Crystal Lacquer, Say It
Crystal Lacquer, Shhhh T
Crystal Lacquer, Sweet Blues
Crystal Lacquer, Use Me
Crystal Lacquer, Winter Rose
Crystal Lacquer, X-Love
Crystal Lacquer, Zoro Zen
Essie, Blueberry Crumb
Essie, Lifesaver
Essie, unknown (black)
Famous, #1
Famous, #15 Baby Rose
Famous, #18 (Neon Pink)
Famous, #S31 Brazilian Waxed
Famous, #S36 Virtual Reality
Famous, #S50 Little Angel Dust
Jane, Abracadabra
K.M.X., Brunette
K.M.X., Gold Sparkle
K.M.X., Jeweltone Green
K.M.X., Satin Moss
L.A. Colors, Cotton Candy
LaRosa, Gold Crackle Shatter
LaRosa, White Crackle Shatter
Mary Kay Salon Direct, Ginger Gingembre
Mary Kay Signature, Iced Latte
Mary Kay Signature, Mango Spice
Mary Kay Signature, Moonlit Pink
Mary Kay Signature, Red Heart
Maybelline, Bordeaux
Maybelline, Snow White
Maybelline, Sunset Prisms
Maybelline, Wet Shine Diamonds Daybreak
Maybelline, Wet Shine Diamonds Mauvy Rock
New York Summer, Hot Orange
NK, Treasue
NK, unknown (pink creme)
O.P.I., 20 Candles on My Cake
O.P.I., Amster-Damsel in Distress
O.P.I., Back to the Beach Peach
O.P.I., Big Apple Red
O.P.I., Can't Help Falling in Love
O.P.I., Chile or Caliente?
O.P.I., Don't Toy With Me
O.P.I., Double Decker Red
O.P.I., Down to My Last Penny
O.P.I., Dusk Over Cairo
O.P.I., Edin-Burgundy
O.P.I., Fee Fi Fo Plum
O.P.I., Friar, Friar Pants on Fire!
O.P.I., Got a Date To-Knight!
O.P.I., Grand Central Carnation
O.P.I., I'm Not Really a Waitress
O.P.I., I've "Red" the Script
O.P.I., Loyalty Islands Lilac
O.P.I., Maliblue
O.P.I., Marooned on the Subway
O.P.I., Movin Out
O.P.I., My Big Break
O.P.I., My Chihuahua Bites!
O.P.I., Nice Color, eh?
O.P.I., Nice Hand, Great Nails!
O.P.I., OPI Red
O.P.I., Play Till Midnight
O.P.I., Pretty & Privileged
O.P.I., Pretty at the Premiere
O.P.I., Red-y For Anything
O.P.I., Stars in My Eyes
O.P.I., Suzi Sells Sushi by the Seashore
O.P.I., Tropical Punch
O.P.I., unknown (light brown)
O.P.I., Your Villa or Mine?
Orly, Alabaster Verve
Orly, Basket Case
Orly, Golden Halo
Orly, Hawaiian Punch
Orly, Hot Shot
Orly, Lola
Orly, Monroe's Red
Orly, Pink Chocolate
Orly, Purple Crush
Orly, Samba
Orly, Sky Blue Pink
Orly, Super Natural
Orly, Toast the Couple
Orly, unknown (neon pink)
Petites, Broze Baby
Petites, Cobalt
Petites, Juke Box
Petites, Mango
Petites, unknown (pink frost)
Pure Ice, A List
Pure Ice, No Means No
Quiruis, Pink in Love
Quiruis, Purple Passion
Quiruis, Starry Night
Quiruis, unknown (hot pink)
Revelon, Iced Mauve
Revelon, Plum Baby
Revelon, Plum Seduction
Revelon, Teak Rose
Revelon, Va Va Va Bloom
Sally Hansen, Wine Frost
Savina, Marie Life
Savina, Wisteria
Sinful Colors, Brittany
Sinful Colors, unknown (blue)
Sinful Colors, unknown (neon yellow frost)
Station, Millon Dollar Red
Station, Pink Fury
Station, Pink Pearl
unknown, Celebrity
unknown, unknown (broze metallic)
unknown, unknown (pink frost)
Verity, Beach Blue
VVS, Classic Red
Wet n Wild, 429B
Wet n Wild, Amethyst Frost
Wet n Wild, Blue Metal
Wet n Wild, Heavenly
Wet n Wild, Lilac Metal
Wet n Wild, Pink Sensation
Wet n Wild, unknown (metallic rose)
Wild and Crazy, Bombay
Wild and Crazy, Jealousy
Wild and Crazy, Twlight
Zoya, Crystal