Monday, July 4, 2011

Manicure the Third

Got my manicure a little earlier than usual this week since Monday was July 4th. 

Tung has picked up some great new polishes in the last couple of weeks, including LaRosa's line of crackle polishes.  So, despite it being the July 4th weekend I decided to go with a teal color with a white shatter on top.  Check it out:

This is two coats of Verity in Beach Blue with one coat of the LaRosa White Crackle on top. We had no problems with the LaRosa and the Verity was a decent polish as well.  The Verity in Beach Blue is a gorgeous shade of teal jelly that was fairly opaque in two coats.  I would suggest three if you use it without some sort of top coat effect (like the crackle or a glitter) but otherwise application was a breeze and it dried fairly quick.

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Polish AMOR said...

looks really nice... i dont own any de la rosa nail polishes, i want some :-P