Thursday, September 15, 2011

Swatch the Twelveth

Earlier this month my company had their big yearly meeting. This meeting is always themed and participants are highly encouraged to dress to match the theme. This year's theme: The 80's. Check out my totally rad outfit.

And of course this totally awesome outfit needs a great mani to go with it:

And to me nothing says the 80's like pink frost nail polish with rounded tips.

This is two coats of Pure Ice in Love with a hot pink stripe done in Pure Ice Flirt Alert and the black stripe done with a nail stripper. It looked great with all my jelly bracelets. So what do you all think? I ended up liking the rounded tips much more than my normally squared off tips so I think I'll be sticking with them for awhile. And I'll be adding some length to them as well. I think it makes my fingers and hands look slimmer and that's always a good thing.


ashpags said...

Eeee looks awesome!

And oval nail shapes are in this season. You're right on trend! I can't pull it off, but I admire yours. =)

Anonymous said...

Cute post!

Evelina Sunny said...

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