Thursday, June 23, 2011

Manicure the Second

This week's manicure requires sunglasses for viewing.  I went with two very bright colors from Famous: #15 Baby Rose and #S31 Brazillian Waxed.  I had Tung alternate the colors on each nail with the tips being done the same way for a checker board look.  It was finished off with a holo nail glitter stripper and a top coat.

I love the look of the mani but let me tell you, the application was not easy.  Both polishes were very thin and required three heavy coats to cover and even then I still had bald spots and thanks to the numerous coats (including the top coat) there were bubbles visible on a couple of fingers. And the drying time took forever.  An hour after I left Tung's I ended up with dents and that's after a fast drying top coat, being under the dryer and drying drops.

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